YouSee (TDC Operations as of 1. june 2013)
January 2012 ->Yousee is Denmark's largest Cable ISP - As of june 1. 2013 Yousee became a part of TDC Group and I became employed in TDC Operations. I still managed the same team of engineers and a variety of technical project (I was the Project Lead for Yousee's IPv6 project) My team still managed Cisco CMTS's and was responsible for the two major network management platforms used (Solarwinds and Capmon). 

Teamleader & Network Engineer

Dansk Kabel TV A/S
April 2007 – January 2012 (4 years 10 months)I started working at Dansk Kabel TV back in 2007 - Dansk Kabel TV was a Cable ISP with more than 100.000 broadband customers. I worked as a network engineer for the first couple of years - everything was Cisco based so got heavily into Cisco networking and  DOCSIS (still managed to implement a Juniper Netscreen firewall solution though). Apart from working on the actual network I also worked with the Microsoft Windows Server backend which I was responsible for virtualizing on Vmware.As my team did all the technical development on both the CMTS and Cable modem side - I got very experienced with Docsis 1.1/2.0/3.0/Packetcable and still work with these technologies today every day.I was lucky enough to be charged with the implementation of Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor (Great product) - the project was a great success as the solution ended up being the only monitoring and alerting system for the ISP side of the business.In 2011 I assumed the role of Teamleader for our department (no management responsibility at this point) - apart from doing all the work I did before I now also managed our project planning.In 2012 I accepted management responsibilities for the Team as well - 8 month later it was announced that my team was being transferred to Yousee along with all our broadband customers.

System Administrator

Varde Kommune
2003 – 2007 (4 years)

Working at the mayor's office with general systemadministration of a Microsoft Windows and Novell Netware platform. 2nd level support for 200 users and the city council.

Part of my job was leading a working group tasked with modernising the use of IT in public schools. Among other things I designed and deployed a Windows Terminal Server based solution across all the schools. 

I got very experienced with Citrix and Novell Zenworks and excellent at making deployment images of both Operating systems and applications. I worked a lot with Juniper Netscreen firewalls and Cisco Catalyst switches. Started specializing in IT security through hands-on training through Protego (later owned by PriceWaterhouseCooper) completing courses in ethical hacking, security analysis and securing systems/equipment. Achieved two security certifications.

Was responsible for choosing and implementing Juniper firewall solutions as part of the merger of danish municipalities in 2006/2007.

All-round IT Tech

SM Data A/S
2002 – 2003 (1 year)

Graduating right as the IT bubble burst wasn't ideal but I was lucky to get a job at a small local IT company that handled both private and commercial customers. As the company was very successful with selling and developing Microsoft Navision solutions I quickly got certified as a Navision XAL developer and worked on various projects. Appart from XAL programming I worked on a number of smaller networking projects - the most complicated was an implementation of a VPN solution based on Zyxel Zywall products for an insurance company. I started developing an interested in IP networking in general at this point.